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Lil Wayne Rocking Jeggings Got People Panties All In a Bunch

Days after Lil Wayne’s MTV’s VMA performance seem to have a lot of people talking. The skin tight jeggings that he was rocking were made by NYC brand Tripp who sell the women’s bottoms for $44.

I don’t recall anyone throwing shots at them 70’s and 80’s rock and roll bands. But because Lil Wayne is a hip hop artist it’s a problem? This dude put out a rock album, skate board, etc… he’s not your average hip hop artist. <---- I'm not taking up for dude, it's just my opinion. Shit, Prince use to wear blouses and other feminine attire, and still was getting pussy from the baddest chicks. I don't know maybe it's just me. I don't see a problem with him wearing jeggings at all. Some of you riders need to be yourself and be original. Chicks dig it. *SHRUGS* I'm just saying. I can almost guarantee that someone is going to start wearing different color jeggings. <---- *walks aways* lol Readers tell me what you think?


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2 comments on “Lil Wayne Rocking Jeggings Got People Panties All In a Bunch

  1. Let me tell you, I called this 4 years ago! I said Lil Wayne was gone be the trendsetter. I swear, if he got a belly ring people would think it was the thing to do and they wouldn’t care. I like it cause he’s just being him and before long (just like skinny jeans, earrings, pink shirts, etc) everyone is going to be wearing leggings and calling it SWAG! I love the fact the the gender-lines are being blurred though. And this is an awesome magazine! Who did your design?!! lol

    • LOL…I agree, Lil Wayne is taking the hip hop culture to the next level by being a trendsetter. I’m not mad at dude at all. As far as the magazine design, my amazing genius minded webmaster did the design. Maybe I can refer you to her. Trust me she’s amazing and is a true genius. Someone out of this world. lol

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